Energy Fest Breakout Sessions

Energy Fest!

21 Breakout Sessions That Show You What's Possible with Energy!

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21 Breakout Sessions To Choose From! 

Energy Fest promises to be a great event. Like our previous international gatherings, Energy Fest is designed to bring us together to share ideas and our personal discoveries around the power of ENERGY to make some incredible changes in our lives.

You begin each day at Energy Fest by attending an amazing keynote, followed up by a featured presentation, and then off to the breakout session of your choice - a smaller, 2.5 hour class based on your interests and curiosity!

Here is the list of the 2022 breakout sessions! Please note that classes, titles, and descriptions are subject to change.

The Energy of Relationships

By Jennifer Mills Archibald
Co-Presenter: David Archibald

Creating conscious relationships with another being while sitting deeply in our authentic glory is one of the most sacred and profound of acts. We will focus on sharing energy-based techniques between two people to foster truthful communication and connection. The techniques presented will be appropriate for all types of relationships. We will partner up to practice most of these; bring a friend or partner, or pair up with someone new! These exercises will be taken in slowly and with great reverence. Class participants will walk away with a greater sense of themselves and how to authentically connect with another.

Archetypes and Oracles in the Balancing Room

By Debra Burchard

Micheal Meade has said, "You can't just tell an archetype it doesn't exist."  They are everywhere in our lives and can contribute greatly to our healing processes. This class will introduce the Archetype Finger Mode for identifying when to use archetypes or oracles in a balancing session. We will look at various card decks, runes, and the I Ching, and apply them in a session.  Using lecture, demonstration, and hands-on practice, we will explore practical ways to bring the archetypes to life for clients and use them to promote healing and deeper understanding. This material allows us to find more deeply hidden patterns in the energy and unwind them.

Be a Walker of Realms: Bridge the Visible World and the Unseen Realms of Soul

By Junia Chou

The old word for having a foot in each world is “weird.” Have you ever felt or been deemed “weird”? What if I told you this is a special gift? You were meant to be a “Walker of Realms" to help be a bridge for the rest of us, and in today’s experiential hands-on class, you will take home three effective techniques: how to access the Inner Palace of the Mind and 1000 Rooms to heal emotional pain at a deeper level, how to “take out” pain and invoke Metaphysical Transmutation, and how to work with Metaphorical Healing for meridians.

Highly Sensitive Kids! Highly Sensitive Parents! (A Journey through our Sensory Perceptions)

By Titanya Dahlin

There is a New Generation of Empathic/Sensitive Children that have been born in the last 40 years called the Indigo Kids. Many of them are now grown parents with babies of their own. Their children have colors in their energy field of Opalescent and Rainbow. Each of these color vibrations have highly sensitive energy and strong intuition. Temper tantrums, learning challenges, reclusive, temperamental, or hyper reactions arise, amongst many other obstacles. Titanya takes you on a journey and shares with you her perspective of how the sensory styles of Kinesthetic, Visual, Auditory/Tonal, and Digital connect with the sensitivity of these unique individuals.

Emotional Alchemy

By Kris Ferraro

Emotional Alchemy teaches what we never learned growing up: how to live in an emotional body! This has become difficult in an increasingly volatile world. Popular misconceptions about feelings have had serious consequences. Emotional Alchemy to the rescue! Participants will learn what emotional energy is, how it moves or gets stuck, and common pitfalls in processing. The pillars of Emotional Alchemy and how they relate to and can transform our everyday lives will be shared. Kris will lead transformative group tapping and everyone will learn and practice other simple but powerful techniques that allow for true emotional freedom.

Energies of Shock – A Comprehensive Treatment Framework

By Eva Gold

Shock energy is a baffling subject for many practitioners to recognize and work with. The number of people experiencing shock has exploded in our dynamic culture, resulting in countless signs and symptoms clients will present to EEM practitioners. Energies of Shock is a deep-dive presentation and demonstration which will give students the tools and framework they need to successfully attack these complex energy imbalances.

The lecture will include:

  •  An in-depth discussion on the architecture of the calcaneal bone and its role in energy transfer
  • The role of the sacrum in releasing of trapped energies
  • What energy systems to focus on when working on a body compromised by shock

By attending this class, students will gain greater confidence and clarity in working with shock energies.

The Empath’s Aura: Connection, Protection, and Transformation

By Prune Harris

If you are affected by other people’s energy, or the energy of a place or situation, you are an Empath or Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). This means that your aura acts very differently from auras of people who are not Empaths/HSP. Prune will build on information provided in her class "The Empath Dilemma" to share new insights on how you can work with, and manage, your auric field to ensure that you remain vibrant, healthy, and resilient in all situations. Join Prune to learn how to help yourself, your loved ones, and your clients

Energy: The Common Denominator of Just About Everything

By Rick Leskowitz

Energy medicine is a vast field, and under its umbrella can be found such seemingly unrelated topics as Animal Magnetism, acupuncture meridians, phantom limb pain, Stonehenge, personal space, team chemistry, Gaia, sacred sites, and crop circles. But these phenomena all share a key common denominator - energy!  Come explore the missing link that helps us understand so much about our world in transformation. We’ll use slides, video clips (including several from Rick’s PBS documentary on energy in sports, featuring cameos by David and Donna), group experiences, and discussions to bring it all home.

How to Determine Priorities to Balance in an Eden Energy Medicine Session

By John Maguire

Participants will learn a method to discover whether something found out in their energy testing is a priority to balance or is a compensation. They’ll get hands-on practice to see that by balancing priorities, compensations often self-correct. They’ll also learn a method to determine whether a person’s priority for balancing is structural, biochemical, emotional, or energetic work. They’ll get hands-on practice of this procedure with easy-to-use protocols for each area. A simple way to test and correct aerobic muscle factors, which improves athletic performance and prevents repetitive strain injuries, will also be demonstrated and practiced.

Relating to the World Around Us: Using the Five Elements to Create Harmony

By Vicki Matthews

We’ve all had the experience of feeling fantastic in one place and miserable in another. If we feel energized at work but turn into a slug once home, could our home environment be zapping our energy? This class covers the numerous ways environmental energies impact personal energies and how to harmonize the relationship between the two. It draws heavily on Eden Energy Medicine and the Five Elements model and will include lecture, demonstrations, hands-on experimentation, handouts, and a take-home tool kit. It also addresses both reactive cases (stuck with an existing environment) and proactive cases (creating a new environment). Join us!


The Human Biofield and Your Electric Health

By Eileen McKusick

We have been conditioned to think of our bodies and our health chemically and mechanically; however, our bodies are fundamentally electric. Our hearts, brains, blood, bones, nerves, fascia, collagen, cells - everything conducts electrical activity, and the strength and coherence of this electrical system is a prime determinant of our health and wellbeing. By changing our belief that disease arises in a "low pH environment" and recognizing that it can in fact arise in a "low voltage environment," we open up numerous new pathways for improving our health and wellbeing electrically. In this talk, we will look specifically at how sound can be used to improve electrical conductivity in the body and its biofield, as well as a variety of simple lifestyle changes that will help people to get better at monitoring how they are discharging and recharging their own electric batteries.


Ming-Men Passage

By Ellen Meredith

This hands-on, participatory workshop for Advanced Practitioners explores some deeper subtle energy systems, in support of both grid preparation and recovery, and as stand-alone techniques for clients who have somehow disconnected from inner feeds and need help to get back home to themselves.

The Ming-Men, as we learn in EEM, is the doorway to the penetrating flow, the grandmother of the radiant circuits. When the passage into the penetrating flow is destroyed or disrupted, access to the inner being becomes difficult or impossible.

This workshop will include both methods to reinstate the Ming-Men passage and other supports for deeper intra-self communication. This hands-on, participatory workshop for Advanced Practitioners explores some deeper subtle energy systems, in support of both grid preparation and recovery, and as stand-alone techniques for clients who have somehow disconnected from inner feeds and need help to get back home to themselves.


Sarah Owen

The Eden Method and Trauma Resolution

By Sarah Owen

This interactive, experiential class will cover many aspects relating to systemically held trauma. The class looks at the factors that create lasting trauma reactions, the symptoms of unresolved trauma, and new and unique ways to investigate and work with these energies in yourself and your clients.  You will leave relaxed, with new tools and a detailed handout for reference.

Learn How to Apply Posture Exercise Therapy to Enhance EEM in Creating a Pain-Free Life

By Travis Perret
Co-Presenter: Kim Wedman

During this class you will learn and receive training in how to recognize and address postural dysfunction and movement compensation. You will receive hands-on training that can be used in conjunction with Eden Energy Medicine to increase the healing process of yourself and your clients. The class will consist of lecture, hands on demonstration, and taking an interactive approach to applying what you learn about evaluating and recognizing posture issues and how to address them via movement therapy to add to your EEM work. You will also receive handouts of specific posture exercises that you can utilize right away to give to your clients.

5G and Me – How to THRIVE in a Modern World by Accentuating the Positives

By Melanie Smith

Electromagnetic Pollution has an energy all its own. It can sweep us off our feet in an instant. It can stop us in our tracks, and it can put us down for the count. By working with your own energy systems to change patterns, habits, and limiting beliefs, you can take back your power and your health.  In this workshop you will learn:

  • Electromagnetic Pollution -  What is it and Where is it?
  • Just the Facts, Ma'am – Understand the research behind EMF’s and the new 5G.
  • Join in the collective experience as we clear and release fear and anxiety around these invisible energy invaders.
  • Identify the most important energy systems to increase Wei Qi (Defensive Qi) to help you create a healthy, resilient energy matrix.
  • Understand the importance of The Schumann Resonance and how to connect with it by using energy medicine techniques. 
  • And so much more...

Energy Medicine Research: Let's Get This Ball Rolling!

By Sandy Sulzer

This will be an interactive presentation wherein Dr. Sulzer presents a clinical trial protocol on utilizing EEM to relieve back pain. Participants will be introduced to the world of grants funding, clinical trial design, and research methods. However, the primary outcome of the presentation will be a collective research action plan ready to be implemented by all present. If you're interested in conducting research on EEM, please join us!

Proven Cases of Integrating EEM into Hospitals, Private Medical Practices, and Integrative Health Conferences: EEM Practitioners Share Their Experiences

By Eileen Kelly Vallatini
Co-Presenter: Dianne Faure

A focus of the class will be sharing the experiences of two EEM practitioners who’ve successfully brought EEM into Western Medicine practices. An emphasis will be the diverse perspectives of these practitioners—one an EEM-CP and a nurse with 35+ years of hospital experience, the other a lawyer-turned-massage therapist and EEM-AP. They will share  anecdotal evidence on how they wove EEM into varied US Healthcare settings, provide insights into common obstacles they overcame, and offer tips for others who want to build an EEM practice within a healthcare setting.


Energy Medicine Yoga: Take Your Energy Onto the Mat and Into Your Life

By Lauren Walker

Energy needs space to move; that's one of the first rules we learn! This powerful synthesis of Eden Energy Medicine and traditional Yoga, called Energy Medicine Yoga, gives you ways to achieve all of the many benefits of energy work within the context of a yoga practice.  EMYoga is simple, powerful, and will transform every part of your life. What you commit to this practice, it will give back to you 1000-fold in healing and wellbeing. This class will be a mix of lecture and movement, on a yoga mat or blanket. Get ready for your energy to move!

Aphrodite's Bowl: Using Eden Energy Medicine to Awaken Power, Spirit, and Joy in the Female Root

By Chris Wheeler
Co-Presenter: Kathy Chambers

The ultimate power of the divine feminine is rooted in the pelvic bowl, an energetic center of joy, creativity, and soul connection. Throughout women’s lives, energy in this sacred area often becomes imbalanced and blocked. Through lecture, demonstration and hands-on practice, this class offers a detailed EEM-based protocol to assess and balance the pelvic bowl using the nine energy systems. Using this technique, we release limiting beliefs, emotions, and trauma held in the pelvic bowl. Whether used as self-care or by practitioners, this work nourishes and strengthens our physical core, opens us to our deepest guidance, and reawakens our divine feminine power.


Mary Ann Wilkens and Peter Hays

Pets: Integrating EEM and TTouch® for Reducing Stress & Anxiety

By Mary Ann Wilkens
Co-Presenter: Peter Hays

Increase calm and decrease stress in pets as well as their owners by integrating Eden Energy Medicine, TTouch®, and essential oil techniques. Learn tips on how to evaluate the situation while keeping yourself safe. By using prioritization and surrogate testing, you can apply Eden Energy techniques directly to the situation.  Basic TTouch® techniques will be taught, you will learn how to use them with EEM. Class will be lecture, demonstration, and hands-on. This is a great introductory class on how to work with animals.  Additional classes available – Transitioning, Elder Care, Puppy Calm, and more.