Energy Medicine Dance Reignites Retired Teacher’s Passion for Dance

Yvonne has always had a love for music and was captivated by Energy Medicine Dance.

On October 29, the day before the French holiday La Toussaint (The Night of All Souls), Yvonne Germaine Dufault was participating in the 5th day of Donna Eden's 7-Day Daily Energy Routine Challenge on YouTube. The link at the end of the video brought her to Titanya Dahlin's Energy Dance video. This turned out to be a fortuitous moment for Yvonne, reigniting her passion for dance, filling her with joy and vitality, and helping her to work through some physical issues.

The Energy Dance video was originally posted the day before her youngest child's birthday on March 27, which she took as a sign. Although Yvonne, a retired teacher, was once very active, she has since struggled with various mobility challenges due to a biking accident and golf injuries. It has been easiest for her to swim in her backyard pool doing non-weight bearing activities while waiting for knee surgery. 

 Since she closed her pool in October as temperatures began to drop in Canada, and swimming in indoor pools during CoVid 19 has been out of the question, Yvonne has mostly been doing sedentary activities like sewing, embroidering, quilting, reading, and helping her husband in the kitchen. She has gained weight, going from a size 14 in December to a size 18 now, not only due to the lack of activity but also to her difficulty metabolizing, since she can no longer go to the doctor for biweekly B12 shots.

Ever since doing Titanya's Energy Medicine Dance routine, Yvonne is feeling much better.  

 "I’m not nearly as achy now. My knee has stopped barking," Yvonne said. "I can hardly wait to dance with my grandchild when he finally gets to come visit us from British Columbia. We will have fun doing the Energy Dance together every day."

Yvonne Germaine Dufault, who first learned about Eden Energy Medicine in August 2019 from Alice Tobin, an Eden Energy Medicine practitioner in Captain Cook on the Big Island of Hawaii, recently began doing Eden Energy exercises regularly to feel better and raise her energy level. Yvonne's passion for and personal involvement with dance spans sixty years. She had fallen out of practice since retirement, but Energy Medicine Dance reignited her spark of enthusiasm. 

 "I thought that Titanya's routine would be impossible for me, but it is invigorating. I am much encouraged," Yvonne said. "Even people in their 70s and 80s can do this. My knee, which is an inch and a half off-center until my forthcoming January 6, 2021 surgical repair, can handle this."

As a teenager, Yvonne was on her school's gymnastics and international dance teams. When she was a young teacher, she started a group called "Dancers for Harmony" for teenagers, expanding to four schools. One year her group performed in 44 different places, including Harbourfront in Toronto. Yvonne and her group danced intertribal dances at Canadian Pow Wows. 

They also spearheaded community outreach initiatives. This led to the birth of “Kids Who Care,” a community outreach project which demonstrates the idea that "empathy is caught, not taught." In other words, empathy is learned by actively helping others and getting to know those with different perspectives, and in the process, young people catch onto the idea of empathy.

For Dufault, dancing is about community. She addressed international audiences as far away as Greece and Australia, promoting dance with community service that went beyond Ontario’s 40-hour high school graduation mandate for volunteering, leading to university and college scholarships for students in financial need.

dancers for harmony

Yvonne dancing with Native Elder George Charles (Mid-Day Star) and Mareena D., one of the Dancers for Harmony -- you can read more about Charles in Yvonne's article here

"That was almost 30 years ago," Yvonne said. "A lifetime ago. I have really missed that. Now I am dancing for harmony in a different way - not on stage or at pow wows, but in the safety of my living room. Mahalo ala nui nui nui. Mitakuyé oyásin."

Yvonne believes that it is particularly significant that the Energy Medicine Dance video was released in March 2020, right as news of CoVid and lockdown was becoming widespread across the world.  In another example of fortuitous timing, on December 14, 2020, as the Solar Eclipse crossed Chile and Argentina, Yvonne completed her final day of the 7-Day Better Breathing Challenge to strengthen her lungs for her upcoming hospital stay.

"Like Doris Whitedeer of the Good Medicine Society, who taught the Good Medicine of Eli Gatoga, now deceased husband of Alloday, at no charge, Eden Energy also gives gifts of spirit to help the people during CoVid, the same way we do our chants, drumming, and prayers from our hearts to help others," Yvonne said. "When I taught French to young children, I peppered my lessons with movement. A very old aborigine near Uluru who was still alive and thriving at 126 years of age said: 'Dance is the spiral of life.' I agree."

When it comes to the routine, Yvonne particularly enjoys the Celtic weave and figure eights as well as the idea of sending love and healing energy out into the world. Her intention is to continue doing this dance every day on top of the Daily Energy Routine. She believes that after her knee surgery, which has been cancelled a couple of times due to CoVid, she will be able to do parts of this dance—at least from her bed—while healing.

"The Energy Medicine dance is powerful, gentle medicine that is very soothing both to my old bones and my spirit," Yvonne said. "My body remembers the joy of this kind of fluid movement. I could imagine classrooms of small children doing this with their teachers, feeling invigorated uplifted, and calm. With a song in my heart and greater lightness in my step, I say Namaste to the Eden family and to Karen Drucker [who performs the music]. You nurture hope and healing." 

Submitted By Yvonne Germaine Dufault