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Just as the country is divided on major issues that have profound consequences, Western medicine has been divided about the very nature of reality as it relates to the body’s subtle energies.

When our book, Energy Medicine, was published in 1998, the existence of the subtle energies described in numerous time-honored healing traditions was barely a footnote within conventional medical practice. Today, with millions of people in the West utilizing one form of energy medicine or another, doctors have become much more comfortable discussing with their patients alternative approaches to healing.

As the 1,600 practitioners who have completed our 2-year Certification Program have been working with growing numbers of clients every month, Eden Energy Medicine has been contributing to this shift in the worldview of the health care community. Advances in Mind-Body Medicine, a prominent journal within the field, made an editorial decision last summer to include energy medicine as one of its major areas of focus. We were honored to be invited, in the first issue that reflects this change, to contribute an article describing the development of EEM and where energy medicine fits within the larger scheme of health care.

The paper, which was just published, includes a brief history of EEM, several persuasive case histories, and then digs into the science supporting a subtle energy perspective. It ends with a focus on the strengths for health care of a perspective that recognizes the powerful influences of invisible subtle energies in the body and in the universe.

The journal agreed to make this paper “open access,” which means it is available as a download to anyone, not just the journal’s subscribers. You may download it from https://eem-overview-paper.edenmethod.com and share the link to any and all who might be interested. We believe it will be the go-to article for our practitioners who want to provide a highly professional explanation of energy medicine to their colleagues, their community, and their clients.

  • LANA says:

    CONGRATULATIONS, fantastic effort and achievement in the practice of ‘Energy Medicine’ a great asset to all and a fabulous tribute to
    Donna Eden and David Feinstein for their enthusiasm, knowledge, dedication, patience, hard work and their belief that Energy Medicine be absolutely recognised for it importance in the role it plays in our community. Well Done!!!! and Thank you.