Donna and David’s Movie List

Letter in Response to Our Staff’s TV and Movie Suggestions:

Dear Innersource Staff,

We are enjoying hearing from you about your favorite programs.  We want to share some of ours. 

For starters, here is a passage from the “Energies of Love” filming we just completed with Mindvalley, in a session that talks about the rituals couples can create with one another:

While we’d never before thought of it as a ritual until preparing this course, a practice we do frequently if we’re not feeling particularly close – maybe we’ve both had very busy days – is to sit next to one another, touching in some way, and to turn on an episode of This Is Us. Journeying together in that vicarious emotional space creates an instant re-bonding without even having had to have a real-life experience!

Even when we are feeling close, which is usually, we will often end an evening with an hour or so in our “movie theatre” (we have a projector instead of a TV, and the largest wall in our living room is dedicated (we keep it blank) to receiving images that are about 9 feet across and 5 feet high).

The reason we went to a projector, many years ago, and have set it up in each of our many temporary residences over the past couple of decades, is that Donna is sensitive to the electromagnetic energies put out by a television but not to the light sent out from a projector. The unanticipated benefit is that we’ve grown to love the big screen.

Besides THIS IS US, the other contemporary series that hooked us was THE CROWN. We also loved the first three seasons of OUTLANDER. And for when we want mindless fun, it would be THE MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL. It makes us laugh.

Thinking back over the past two decades, our all time favorite was WEST WING. We have watched all 7 seasons three times since it first aired in 1999. It’s not that we have so much time for viewing, but in both of the periods that we re-watched it, we couldn’t find anything that was more appealing.

Virtually every episode gave us inspiration for our leadership roles. West Wing was written by Aaron Sorkin, who followed it with THE NEWSROOM, which we also found inspiring, though some of the interpersonal drama was quite corny.

Speaking of corny interpersonal drama, we have enjoyed ALLY MCBEAL and BOSTON LEGAL in much the way we currently enjoy vegging out with Mrs. Maisel. Ally McBeal and Boston Legal were both written by David Kelley, and we were also captivated by the legal drama of his L.A. LAW and THE PRACTICE.

After the prosecuting attorney presents the evidence, we would always feel the defendant was “Guilty!” Then, after hearing the defense, we always felt “Not Guilty!” Then the prosecutor’s closing arguments would persuade us back.  And so it went.  It was mind-bending. Boston Legal also had some great courtroom drama.

We have also, not surprisingly, been drawn to medical programs such as CHICAGO HOPE (David Kelley again), ER, and HOUSE (if you can get past Dr. House’s personality).  We’re just starting to look into NEW AMSTERDAM.

More rare on a regular evening, we will find the time to watch a full length movie. The first ten that came to Donna’s mind (by no means are we saying these are the greatest ever, just the first to come to our minds) as ones she would see again (or has chosen to see more than once) are:

  • The Unbearable Lightness of Being
  • Dangerous Beauty
  • Reds
  • Color Purple
  • Moonstruck
  • Runaway Jury
  • School of Rock
  • Harold & Maude
  • The Birdcage
  • Dr. Zhivago 

 For David:

  • Amadeus 
  • Shakespeare in Love
  • Chicago
  • Yentl
  • Romeo and Juliet (Zefirelli’s version, but almost any well-produced Shakespeare)
  • Jesus Christ Superstar
  • Fiddler on the Roof
  • Oliver
  • Schindler’s List
  • The Blind Side

Conveniently, each of us also likes the other’s choices. And a historical factoid, the first thing we ever watched together on television, in the very first week of our relationship (June 1977), was WESTSIDE STORY.

This has been an interesting review. In the 21 years since we first went on the road, teaching all over the world, we have been together for more than 7,600 nights. The above is what we’ve done with some of them.


D & D