Four Foundations of Wellness: Safety, Grounding, Sourcing, and Flow with Ellen Meredith

1 Module


Taught by Ellen Meredith, Advanced Energy Medicine Practitioner

Streaming Online Recorded 2-Hour Class with Handouts

In this workshop, Ellen Meredith explores four conditions that promote better healing and success with energy medicine: Safety, Grounding, Sourcing and Flow. Offering intriguing frameworks, common sense thinking, and many new energy medicine exercises and tools, this thought-provoking exploration will help you deepen your ability to support your own health and the healing of your clients.

About The Author

Ellen Meredith,  Doctor of Arts, EEMAP, has been in practice since 1984 as a conscious channel, medical intuitive, and energy medicine practitioner. She is a dynamic and exciting teacher and author of several works, available through the Beyond Innersource Marketplace.

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