Breech Baby Returns to Proper Position After Energy Medicine Work

By Audrey Hoeller

Audrey Hoeller

Years ago, I heard a story from a friend of mine. She was taking a class with Donna when they received news that a young man, the son of one of their faculty members, had been severely burned by a high voltage electric shock in a construction accident. Donna instructed everyone in the class to apply their healing energy to him. The speed of his recovery amazed everyone, particularly his doctors. 

Ever since then, I have been studying Donna's teachings so that I can learn her healing techniques for myself.  I am now in the second year of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program.

In prior years, the training was done over a four-day period where we heard the theories and methods, listened to lectures, and practiced a lot of hands-on techniques. We received the written and other material at the same time. It was a lot of information to take in at once. 

This year, my class is in October, and because it's online, I've already received access to the materials and videos. One component of the course book is that at the end of each of the chapters is additional information that, quite honestly, I never previously had the capacity to incorporate as I was studying the material.

I received the materials in the mail, and as I was organizing them to put them away in my binders, the page opened up to a section on breech births. That was in the extra material. I probably would not have seen that in a normal year. 

As it turns out, a woman in my office was pregnant and due on the first of October, and the baby was not in the proper position. I thought that she might be interested in the information, so I reached out to her.

I offered her my services, which involved showing her and her husband the protocols and talking about Energy Medicine.

As we were figuring out the logistics, she remembered how, years ago, her father had lung cancer. The attending physician had said to her father, "Have your daughter place her hands above your lungs whenever you think about the cancer," and he offered no further explanation. Her father is alive today and no longer has lung cancer.

I met with the husband and wife a couple of Sundays ago to talk about one of the most important steps in conducting a healing session, which is to set the intention for the session. I told them how I approach this. 

As I explained, God said, "Let there be light," and then there was light manifest into physical form. You do not have to ascribe to an organized religion to understand or apply this principle. First you have the thought, and then things occur on a physical level.

Before we started the protocols, I had them rub their hands together fairly vigorously. Then I said, "Now pull them apart and see if you feel anything. Do you feel tingling, heat, or resistance? If you do, how far can you expand your hands and still feel that energy?" 

I turned to the husband and said, "Did you feel anything? Did you feel any energy?" He said that he didn't feel anything. I told him that was okay.

We started to work on the breech baby protocol, going counterclockwise over her second chakra right over her belly, and you could see that the baby was reacting to the energy. That was exciting. The baby was moving. As we wrapped up the session, I requested permission to continue to work the protocols with them remotely.

On Friday this last week, I got a very excited call from them. They had gone to the doctor for the pre-op, and the C-section had been cancelled. The baby is in the right position and is ready to come into this glorious world head first.

Was this a miracle? Was this the result of all of us being in service for the highest and greatest good for the mother and child? Was there divine timing—having that information available to me now as opposed to the end of October?

The parents think it's a miracle. Honestly, I'm not sure it actually matters. What I do know is that love, intention, and focused energy impacted the situation, and I am delighted to have participated in this event in some small way.

  • Kim says:

    It is a wonderful wonderful awareness you shared with your co-worker, and yes, it is a great idea for you all to have your handouts ahead of class to study and be able to prepare for the upcoming class. I think this is one of the silver linings, underlying this pandemic we are all living through. Thank you for sharing your story. Kim Wedman EEMAP and charter faculty member.